The LED sign

PFD (Pixel Function Detection) - the function of each individual pixel or individual LED is monitored

Multi-colour – 256 RGB Farben

Multi-colour - 256 RGB colours

The RGB colours are mixed by a modern optical system so that full-colour displays with an ideal light image are guaranteed at all times. The light from the LEDs is focussed and projected exactly where it is needed.

Dynamische Helligkeitssteuerung

Dynamic brightness control

Brightness sensors constantly detect the ambient brightness. The brightness of the LEDs is constantly adjusted to the ambient light to ensure an optimum signalling image and good visibility for road users at all times.

Pixelabstand 20 mm (M-TI konform)

Pixel pitch 20 mm (M-TI compliant)

The individual LEDs or pixels are arranged in a grid dimension of 20 mm as standard. This corresponds to the specifications for temporary use from the information sheet for boards with photometric information (M-TI). Other pixel pitches are available on request.

Standardgröße 64 x 80 Pixel

Standard size 64 x 80 pixels

LED variable message signs with a width of 64 pixels and a height of 80 pixels are available as a standard size. This results in a display area of 1,280 mm wide and 1,600 mm high. Other sizes are available on request.

Optical properties

Luminance L3 (*)
Luminance ratio R3
Angle of radiation B6
  (B7 possible on request)
Colour C2