LED variable message signs
LED variable message signs

Next generation LED variable message signs

LED variable message signs offer the possibility of situational traffic guidance, display of different speed limits, dynamic traffic management or display of general information for road users. In addition, LED variable message signs are very well perceived by road users, giving them a high warning effect.

The team at Saferoad SES GmbH in Nonnweiler has developed LED variable message signs specially optimised for temporary use so that these advantages of LED variable message signs can also be used for roadworks traffic management. Whether for use as a mobile traffic jam warning system, dynamic diversion signage, situational speed restriction, roadworks exit warning system or other temporary applications - Saferoad Traffic offers solutions for road safety companies.


Integrierte Steuerung von Aufsatzvorwarnblinkern
Integrated control
of top-mounted hazard warning flashers
Bildwiederholrate > 1000 Hz
Refresh rate > 1000 Hz
PFD (Pixel Function Detection)
- The function of each individual pixel
or individual LED is monitored
Wartungszugang von Front- oder Rückseite nach Kundenwunsch möglich
Maintenance access from the front
or rear according to customer
EN 12966 konform
Conforms to
EN 12966
Energy efficient
Frei programmierbar
Freely programmable
Smart Maintenance
Smart Maintenance