LED variable message signs - The energy system

The overall system is optimised for the temporary use of our LED variable message signs and does not require a costly battery change.

The energy system of the LED variable message sign


The saddle roof-shaped arrangement of the solar modules offers the possibility of an east-west orientation, which enables uniform energy generation throughout the day. The charging and discharging curves are brought closer together, which leads to increased energy efficiency. The ideal (east-west) orientation of the solar modules is ensured by the 360° rotatable modules.

A particular advantage of the system is the smart energy storage system. The battery system consists of prismatic LFP cells with a special additive that allows the temperature range to be extended and thus ensures problem-free use of the system even in extreme temperature conditions. The operating temperature ranges from -15°C to +65°C and, in contrast to conventional lithium batteries, also enables charging at very low temperatures. This is a major advantage, particularly in the winter months, to ensure constant performance on construction sites.

The advantage of LFP cells over conventional cells is the very short charging time. A particularly large amount of energy can be stored in a very short time.

To ensure safe and efficient operation of the battery, the energy system has a battery monitoring system with individual cell monitoring, an integrated balancer (charge equaliser) and a smart solar controller. All battery, solar and controller parameters can be called up online and can be monitored and controlled centrally.

A critical charge level of the energy storage system cannot be completely ruled out during long periods of bad weather or extreme weather conditions. In such cases, the responsible operator automatically receives an early warning message so that they can react in good time. If necessary, the energy storage system can be recharged on site at any time using generators or conventional batteries.