Job bike

JobRad® turns bicycles and e-bikes into company bikes - tax-incentivised! Your employer leases the JobRad. You ride it whenever you want: to work, in everyday life, on holiday or for sport. It's good for the environment, makes you fitter - and you ride up to 40 % cheaper in any case.

What are your benefits?

  • Save money, not the bike
    JobRad is always cheaper. Up to 40 % in any case - and even more if your employer subsidises the instalments. If your employer gives you the JobRad as a salary bonus, you even ride completely tax-free!
  • Any bike, any brand
    Whether city or touring bike, mountain bike or racing bike, pedelec or S-pedelec, recumbent or cargo bike: any bike can be a JobRad.
    Exclusively at JobRad: the company bike from Canyon and much more.
  • Everywhere you go
    You ride your company bike as if it were your own: in everyday life, in your leisure time and - if you like - to work too, of course.
  • Bike-related services
    Every JobRad is automatically covered by our fully comprehensive insurance including mobility guarantee. Our JobRad inspection and JobRad FullService service options also offer an extra level of convenience.
  • There for you nationwide
    More than 6,000 stationary JobRad specialist dealers nationwide look forward to advising you - and many more online.
  • Collect Karma points
    Cycling keeps you fit, is fun and clears your head. And there is no better means of transport for the environment. But you already know that.

For whom is this offer valid?
All employees of the SAFEROAD Group in Germany

For whom is this offer valid?
All employees of the SAFEROAD Group in Germany:

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